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Brandable Domain Names

What are brandable domain names and why are so many businesses using them?

All you need to know about Brandable Domain Names

Building a great identity for your business is fundamental if you want to be successful online. Choosing the right name can set your business off in the right direction, picking a bad name, however, can lead your business towards failure.

This is why it is so important to choose a business domain name which is right, first time. After all you will have the name for the life of your business which will hopefully be forever.
What you’re going to need is a domain name that acts as the backbone to creating a distinct identity for your business online. What you need is a brandable domain name… and here’s why.


What are brandable domain names?

Brandable domain names are names that when you see them or hear them they sound like a brand. They are names that are usually non keyword related and have no specific descriptive meaning.
Although a brandable domain name doesn’t directly reference what the business or product does, it usually suggests or hints at certain characteristics, values or qualities.

Brandable domain names build strong brand identities and offer flexibility in that they do not tie you down to a specific type of business or service, giving you room to expand your offerings in the future without needing to rebrand the whole business.

Just think about all the notable and memorable companies you know, Google, Amazon, eBay and even Uber. What do they all have in common? You guess it, they all use brandable domain names. If you think about any massively successful business the chances are they will have a brandable domain name.

They are far easier for your customers to remember than a generic domain name, and they also help your business stand out online against its competitors.

As an example, if you wanted to launch an antique coin website that has information on different types of coins and sells some coins on it:

Coin-Shop.com – This one would be hard to remember and almost impossible to brand, it is just too generic. The hyphen really doesn’t help matters either.

CoinCognoscente.com – Arguably brandable, however this name is very difficult to pronounce and even harder to spell.

CoinHub.com – What an awesome name this truly is, it’s unique, highly memorable, stands out and hints at a place which is all about coins.


What are the benefits of brandable domain names?

They are memorable

Brandable domain names are easier to remember than their generic alternatives. This improves the likelihood that your website will be remembered and your customers will return again helping you build a loyal online customer base.
A key element of a brandable domain name is to not be forgotten and that is why most brandable names are short, sweet and catchy. Customers will always respond better when a name can easily be remembered and is quick to search up online.

They are unique

A unique domain name can make all the difference between a successful web presence for your business or getting lost in search results. Choosing a brandable domain name will help you stand out from the competition.

They help you from losing potential customers

Let’s say for example you run your business on the domain name GraphicDesignCompany.com. Your domain name says exactly what you are, a graphic design company. Let’s imagine a potential customer finds your website, they like what they see but they want to have a think about it. The next day they decide they are ready to commit and order a graphic design package from you. They go to Google and they type in your brand name, ‘Graphic Design Company’, what happens next? Well, Google presents your potential customer with an array of your competitors and let’s face it if you are a new business the chances of you ranking on the first page for ‘graphic design company’ is pretty slim.

With a unique brandable domain name when a customer Googles your brand, they will find you right at the top.

They are more professional and credible

By avoiding highly descriptive names that describe your offerings, a creatively branded name can position your business as more credible and professional. Just think what customers are more likely to trust, ‘Spotify.com’ or ‘bestmusicstreamer.com’ for example.

They are easier to promote

Brandable domain names are much simpler to promote as they are created to reflect your business or product name. If you have a generic domain name based on a competitive keyword there will be thousands of companies trying to compete against you in the search engines for the same keyword. This can make promoting your brand name online extremely expensive as you will need to outbid your competitors in any paid advertising campaign targeting your own name. Not only that but it will make things more difficult to rank organically in search engines for your own brand name.

This makes it much easier to promote a brandable domain name which is yours and relevant to your business or product alone.

They are more affordable

Generic keyword based domain names are still more expensive to buy than brandable domain names, this is mainly due to so many companies all competing for the same name. Choosing a domain name that will be used exclusively by you can be a lot more affordable with prices starting from under $1000 for ready to go brandable domains. Don’t forget the money you could potentially save when promoting your brand as well.

They offer flexibility

One of the best things about brandable domain names is that they can last the life of your business. By choosing a brandable name rather than a keyword specific name you’re not limiting your business to a certain product or service. Instead you give your business more scope to grow and branch out into other services or other industries. Keyword based names tend to limit the services or products you offer. A good example of this is Amazon.com, they started out selling books but have since grown to sell almost everything and they offer a variety of other services and products as well. Would they have had the same success and growth if they had the domain name Book-Shop.com?
With a brandable domain name you can continue to grow your business and evolve your offerings without having to worry about replacing your domain name.


Here are a few examples of companies using brandable domain names for their businesses:

Accenture is a global management consulting and professional services company that provides strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations services.
Their name is a blend of the term ‘Accent of the Future’ and was picked by employees in a business naming competition.

Accenture - Great brandable domain name

Etsy operates a marketplace where people around the world connect to create, sell and buy unique goods.
In an interview with Readers Digest Robin Kalin (Founder) revealed that he wanted to go with an invented name for the business and watched foreign films for inspiration during which he misheard the Italian phrase ‘Eh Si’ as ‘Etsy’ and the rest is history.

Etsy - Cute brandable domain name


Durex is a brand of latex condoms made by UK based SSL International.
This brandable name is a clever abbreviation of the words Durable, Reliable and Excellence which is everything you would want in a brand of this type.

Durex - Clever brandable domain name

Lego is a retail brand of colorful building sets and bricks, figurines and toys. The brand is also has tv shows, films and much, much more.
The brandable name ‘Lego’ comes from the Danish expression ‘Leg godt’ which means ‘Play well’.

Lego - Intuitive choice of brandable domain

Verizon is a multinational telecommunications company.
Their name comes from a blend of the words ‘Veritas’ which means truth in Latin and ‘Horizon’, it suggests integrity, respect, imagination and passion.


Verizon - the meaning behind their brandable domain

There are loads of great examples of brandable domain names being used by businesses online, way too many to list but here are a few other examples that we absolutely love: Recurly, Zillow, Earnably, Deliveroo, Syntaro, Localytics, Karhoo and Envolve.

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of what brandable domain names are and why successful businesses choose to use them. If you are looking for a brandable name or need help naming your business feel free to have a look through our collection of ready to go names.

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