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About BrandBear

BrandBear is a marketplace for unique, ready to go brandable domain names. We have a team of creative thinking people with a passion for naming and branding. We love to create names that stand out and go beyond the competition.

We create company, brand and product names for established companies, small businesses, start-ups and the next big things.

We believe in the power of great names, a great name can make the difference between the success and failure of a business. We want to make your business dreams come true by helping you find a name that elevates your brand above and beyond the competition. A name that people will remember and talk about.

We understand how difficult it can be naming or re-naming a business and finding the available matching domain name. Some might say naming a business is more difficult than naming a child, some might go as far to say that it is not only more difficult, but also more important. We couldn’t agree more, that’s why BrandBear was created, to make it easier for you to discover a great name that adds real value to your business.

We make naming a company easy, quick, secure and hassle free

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Why we named it BrandBear

Why we chose our brand name

We created the name BrandBear by combining 2 words. Brand and Bear, and here’s why.

Lets take the word ‘Brand’. A brand identifies a product or company and differentiates it from the competition. We choose to go with the word ‘Brand’ as part of our name as we are supplying more than just domain names or logos we are creating identities that represent your business. A brand is more than a name it is an identity.

Now lets take the second part of our name ‘Bear’. We chose to use the word ‘Bear’ as the symbolic meaning of the animal resonates with us as a company and our customers.

The Bear is a symbol of strength and courage. The power of the Bear gives inner strength, fearlessness and confidence. The animal is both feared and admired for its strength and powerful statue, which can inspire you to step into a leadership role in your life and take action without fear.

Entrepreneurs and business owners share the same qualities as the Bear. The confidence to startup their own business, the leadership to inspire those around them and the inner strength to push through even when things get tough.

With BrandBear you can launch your business with confidence knowing that you have a great brand created by branding experts.

If you need help choosing a name feel free to reach out and contact us.


Who are some of our customers?

'We have helped hundreds of companies from all over the world find brand names. We recognise that every client is unique, with their own specific requirements for a brand. We are dedicated to working with our clients to help them choose the perfect brand name for them, whether it’s a name for a start-up, a new product or even a name to rebrand an existing business. Here are a sample of some of the companies that are currently using names created by our team of branding specialists.'

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